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Rotating Makeup Organizer, Adjustable Makeup Carousel Spinning Holder Storage Rack

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Rotating Makeup Organizer

Made of Acrylic, high quality and convenient for cleaning.
360 Revolving angle makeup shelf help find cosmetics easily.
This organizer contains 4-pack trays, If you want the rubber ring.
Complete Cosmetics and Makeup Storage – A smart 360° makeup organizer
that offers plenty of adjustable shelves, easily store foundation, blush,
lipstick, skincare serums and creams, moisturizers, makeup brushes,
and other essentials.

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Rotating Makeup Organizer

Keep your bathroom space or dresser more organized.      Quick access makeup organizer that rotates 360° to give you more access to all your essentials.

Rotating Makeup organizer – revolving makeup organizer for your vanity, bathroom, bedroom, dressing room, easily stores any size of cosmetics and skincare products.                                      We created the Rotating Makeup Organizer that lets you customize your storage space. In conclution keep everything from brushes to lotions handy, and ensures you never misplace something important. Designed with multiple tiers that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Crafted with heavy-duty plastic and a well-balanced, smooth turning base, it’s the ultimate solution for all your day-to-day items.

  • Extra large capacity vertical makeup organizer standstand, so easy to keep all those daily beauty products together.
  • Offers 360° Rotation, Gorgeous on table tops or in salons to create a flawless high end look, so the perfect way to put your collection on display.
  • Multiple Adjustable Trays (Height),Keep It Simple and Here Is The Best Way to Store Perfume Bottles Big and Small.
  • Supports brushes, lotions, cosmetics, jewelry, and more.
  • Perfect for bathroom bench tops and vanity tables.
  • Firstly well-balanced. Secondly smooth-spinning access, so it´s the best way to store your cosmetic.
  • Easy to clean, wipe down, and maintain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

With a 360° rotatable base and 7 layers of adjustable trays, which will greatly enhance your daily cosmetic routine.                                                                                                                                  No worries about the messy cosmetics any more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Access for more information in our fanpage:                           Access to our Youtube Channel to view more videos: You tube Mall Web Shop Channel

Easy to Assemble & Clean

Rotating Makeup Organizer can be divided into many separate parts,so it´s easy to assemble and disassemble.                                                                                                                                          For better installation, we put the video and you can access to our youtube channel.
Above all, the lamination plates can assemble with your preference, which can satisfy all kinds of cosmetics, large and small.

Believing most girls are facing the messy cosmetics every day, and may also waste some time to find one of them.                                                                                                                                        So, are you looking for an organizer to tiny up all your cosmetics?                                                  Here Rotating Makeup Organizer would release your concern.
Our newly develop makeup organizer made from plastic, which belongs to washable material and not as fragile as Acrylic, which is easy to clean.

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