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Essential Oil Diffuser with 6 Bottles 10ml Pure Natural Essential Oils

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Essential Oil Diffuser with 6 Bottles 10ml Pure Natural Essential Oils, 7 LED Color Changing Light                                                                                 and Auto Shut-Off – for Home, Office, Spa, Study, Gym.

5-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL AROMATHERAPY DEVICE: This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an amazing multifunctional aromatherapy device unlike any other you’ve used. It features a large 400ml water tank, 7 different LED colors, multiple mist diffuse modes, as well as a safety auto-switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water
COMPLETE ESSENTIAL OILS PACK: The aromatherapy essential oils are made with all-natural plant extracts that are safe and effective on your hair and skin, and come in lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, tea tree, sweet orange and peppermint
RESTORE BALANCE AND WELLNESS: The oil diffusers work with your favorite aroma oils to support a relaxed mood, relieve stress or anxiety, promote deeper sleep, or simply create a calm atmosphere for friends or guests
A GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR EVERYONE: If you’re in the market for a nice and practical gift, you can stop looking. This great aromatherapy essential oil and ultrasonic diffuser gift set is a thoughtful and handy present, one that everyone can benefit from. With a combination of style, design and function like that!


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Our 6-pack of premium all-natural essential oils comes with a variety of different fragrances
and blends to better suit your daily life. Here is how each bottle can provide you with a more relaxed environment:
Lavender: Promote focus, clarity, and alertness while relieving stress, anxiety, or depression.
Sweet Orange: A anti-anxiety blends that fortifies cognitive function while relieving overwhelming emotions.
Tea Tree: A restorative blend that’s often uses to fight infection and boost immune system health.
Lemongrass: Relieve sore, aching muscles and joint pain while balancing the mind and body.
Eucalyptus: Help open up the airways and relax your respiratory system for clearer breathing and better sleep.
Peppermint: Stimulate focus and concentration while relieving fatigue to recover faster.

Safety Warning:
Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from children and pets.
Large 400ML Capacity
With 400ml large water tank, the essential oil diffuser could run up to 12 hours. Perfect for any room 200+ sq.ft.
Optional Lights
Multiple LED light color options and bright/dim flexibility give you full control to set the mood. The LEDs can cycle (or stay on) in many different colours, increasing the aesthetic value of the unit
Best gift
This great aromatherapy essential oil diffuser set is a thoughtful and handy present that everyone can benefit from.